"…I honestly don’t do it for any of the recognition, I just do it because I love it, but um, I’m grateful to be here, and I’m glad to be here[….] It’s…it really is- I mean, I just make music strictly for my fans, I think that I’m not worried about what the media has to say, I’m just worried about what my fans love, and they just love the genuineness of my music and the genuineness of me."
Justin Bieber, ExtraTv Interview during YHA awards (via

(via beliebershaveseriousswag)


Plain soy yogurt mixed with mashed raspberries and topped with pumpkin seeds, blackberries, and more raspberries. Walnut halves, a sprouted grain English muffin with avocado, and more blackberries.

I miss summer and my cute little car that’s in surgery
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